Group SNE

Group SNE

Is at the origin of Mermaid Rain , Demon Worker , Targi : The Expansion
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    Targi : The Expansion
    Targi : The Expansion

    The expansion of the tribe goes on in Targi: Die Erweiterung, an expansion for Targi. With water as a new element, the tribe has more flexibility in how it will extend itself. More specifically, in the game water functions like a joker, e.g., you can swap two water tokens for any one goods token. Many...

    joueurs 12 ans et + 60 min
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    Demon Worker
    Demon Worker

    Of course, having demons for subjects isn't easy. It takes ruthless ambition and an ability to keep your infernal citizens from getting bored. It used to be you could just send them to plunder, but times have changed, and as fun as the old ways were, they won't cut the mustard anymore. Mass production...

    3 to 4 10 ans et + 45 min
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    Création de la fiche

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    Mermaid Rain
    Mermaid Rain
    3 to 6 10 ans et + 60 min
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