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Imagine a world in which our technologic enhancements yield the powerful diesel-driven machines of the early 20th century. A world in which the discovery of an alien resource has changed the industrial evolution forever. Where the military arsenals have never been used to incite a world war, but for the very survival of mankind. It is the year 1948 and the world as we know it has ceased to exist. Welcome to Xibalba, where the remains of civilization fight for their very survival in an inter-apocalyptic dieselpunk world.
In the Xibalba - Generals Expansion you got to buy a general with paragon instead of regular ressources, that gives you a unique and permanent ability to manipulate the war for the ark to your favor.
Game features:
Added support to up to 8 Players
Added a direct player-interaction with raiding
Added generals, powerfull entities bought with paragon
Added elite soldiers as a powerfull household guard of your general

Auteurs et éditions

edition 2016
Par Andre Schillo
Illustré par ivan Gil
Édité par Heidelberger Spieleverlag and Voodoo Games

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Year of publishing 2016
Authors Andre Schillo
Illustrators ivan Gil
Editors Heidelberger Spieleverlag , Voodoo Games
Distributors ~
Collection ~
Bar code 4015566033870
Language of rules English
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