The Vampire Lord has entered the Castle and is slowly infecting everyone to take control. The Lady and her Hero are pure of heart and can resist him for a while, but they have only one night to find him and one chance to kill him when the sun rises.

In Vampire Panic, (which is possibly not the game's final name), all players are dealt a character card, with one player starting as the Vampire Lord. Players trade cards in two rounds of play and may secretly become infected. The vampires will attempt to infect as many humans as they can while concealing their identity, while the surviving humans are trying to identify the location of the Vampire Lord by the end of the night.

Vampire Panic is a light social deduction game that attempts to combine the hidden roles and fast play of Akihisa Okui's One Night Werewolf with the tense infection mechanism of David Ausloos's Panic Station.

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