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Additional Events & Baddies for Too Many Bones.

What Baddie Types and Baddies are included?
40 Days in Daelore will contain Baddies from the original TMB Baddie Types: Goblins, Bogs, Scales, Beasts, Trolls, and Orcs. Three of these types appear in Undertow and therefore, this Add-on will add even more variety to those types in Undertow. *As mentioned at the start of this update, Undertow Tyrants may work with even more of these types if testing goes well and the idea is well received.

Can this Add-on be used with Undertow?
Short answer: Absolutely! These Encounters will add a ton of new stories and choices to both TMB and Undertow. However, they will be focused on land-based Encounters. In Undertow, for Tyrants that require you to shuffle in a certain amount of water-based Encounters, this Add-on will only contribute new content to the land-based ones. As for Baddies, Krelln and Mechs are not included, the other 3 Types in Undertow will benefit from this Add-on.


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