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edition 2015
Par Yohan Lemonnier
Illustré par Christophe Madura and Mathieu Harlaut
Édité par CoolMiniOrNot

Standalone 2 editions

Langues des règles : English

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Game description

You must race around the board to gather the 4 Ethers displayed on your Secret Combination card and all 4 different Artefact cards. With those in hand you must reach your Secret Gate to exit the Shadow Market and present the Queen with her Artefacts. How can you achieve this feat? You must travel from location to location in the Shadow Market, buying and selling Ethers and acquiring Artefact cards until you can gather just the right combination of Ethers that will allow you to exit the Shadow Market, all the while trying to avoid or benefit from the Agents of the Shadow Master.

Game play
2 to 4 players à partir de 14 ans 60 min
Language of rules : English
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 Positive reviews

Mister Jamie
72/100 -
Mister Jamie 
Vous éclairez dans le brouillard
76/100 -
De qui Smog t-on?
100/100 -
Aventures dans le brouillard ...
86/100 -
Pourquoi pas
74/100 -

 Negative reviews

Harry Cover
Pas vraiment bon
20/100 -
Harry Cover 
Quand la mayonnaise ne prend pas...
31/100 -
Un gros jeu... simple
43/100 -
Vraiment mauvais
9/100 -