Tannhauser : Shogunate Troop Pack

de Adam Sadler and Andrew Meredith
Tannhauser : Shogunate Troop Pack

Description du jeu :

**Extension du jeu Tannhauser**Pack contenant les troupes du Shogunat, afin de compléter la quatrième faction alliée au Reich. En savoir plus

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Through force and diplomatic guile, the Shogunate has taken to the mainland. Divisions of Ashigaru march against the ennemies of Shogun Hatamoto. Agent of the legally recognized diplomatic agency known only as "Shin" use the cover of Darkness to accomplish their goals.

"We cannot know their numbers. If only half the rumors of stalking shadows are true, then we have much more to fear than fear itself." Amiral F. Roosevelt

-1 Painted Ashigaru miniature
-1 Painted Shin agent miniature
-2 character sheet
-24 game tokens
-17 equipment cards
-Rulebook (12p.)
-1 dedicated scenario

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Auteurs et éditions

edition 2011
Par Adam Sadler and Andrew Meredith
Illustré par Brian Schomburg, Didier Poli, Wil Springer and adam taubenheim
Édité par Fantasy Flight Games
Distributed by Fantasy Flight Games

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