Sol : last days of a star

de Ryan Spangler and Sean Spangler
Sol : last days of a star

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Sol: Last Days of a Star is a strategic game of solar destruction and salvation for 1–5 players. Play as one of the five worlds orbiting the Sun, diving into the searing plasma to harvest critical ene... En savoir plus

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Sol is a race against time, carefully balanced with a fresh engine-building mechanic uniquely rooted in mutual benefit and competition. Each game of Sol begins as an open starscape, ripe for emerging interdependent networks and careful planning at every turn: build your energy node so that other players are enticed by its strategic placement; activate an opponent’s foundry when they are low on energy so you capture the bonus; plot a multiple activation of other players’ transmit towers without ever having to build your own. There are countless approaches to explore in Sol: Last Days of a Star.

Sol has very little luck, but the compounding of simple actions keep the game moving quickly. The high degree of player interaction and the array of Instability Effects allow for a surprisingly customizable vibe to each game.

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Auteurs et éditions

edition 2017
de Ryan Spangler and Sean Spangler
Édité par Elephant Laboratories

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