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edition 2019
Par Ludovic Mahieu and Matthieu Clamot
Illustré par Eleanor Ernaelsteen
Édité par Hellion Cat
Distributed by Paille Editions and Asmodee Belgium


Langues des règles : German, English, French, Dutch

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Game description

The Great Owl begins its final journey and soon the Council of Elders will meet to appoint its successor. To lead the Kwatoko owl tribe, you will have to prove your worth!

Clan leaders, gather your loyal owl warriors and go on a mission to achieve great deeds! The most deserving of you will be named Great Owl at the new moon. But beware, your opponents are strong and cunning and won’t hesitate to throw an owly wrench in your plans!

In Owly tribe, each player plays as a tribal chief who wants to earn the Great Owl title. To do this, they will have to send their champions on missions to different places where they will oppose each other in order to accumulate a maximum of reputation totems.

To win the game, it will be a matter of making the most of the powers available during each of the three turns!

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Game play
2 to 6 players à partir de 8 ans 30 min
Language of rules : German, English, French, Dutch
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