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edition 2018
Par Justin Blaske
Édité par Five24 Labs and Pixie Games
Distributed by Pixie Games


Langues des règles : French

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Game description

Now that

Mort has managed to build up a solid engine for producing mints, he has taken to delivering

them to the surrounding areas. The more he can deliver, the better the profits! Players take the roles of

mint delivery drivers, focusing on taking mints made at Mo

rt's factory and delivering them around the

region where demand is highest. The player that does the best job will become employee of the month!

Game play
1 to 5 players à partir de 13 ans 25 min
Language of rules : French
Prix public conseillé : ~

 Positive reviews

Je vous sers une seconde menthe?
66/100 -
Pourquoi tant d'e/hal eine !
100/100 -
un peu trop long ...
68/100 -
à prendre et à transporter !
71/100 -

 Negative reviews

57/100 -
Ni bon, ni mauvais
41/100 -