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edition 2014
Par Laurent Escoffier and David Franck
Illustré par Paul Mafayon
Édité par Libellud
Distributed by Asmodee

Standalone 1 extension

Langues des règles : German, French, Italian

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Game description

In the weird and wonderful world of Arkadia, old king Fedoor has no heir. A grand tournament is being organized, with the throne going to the kingdom’s finest adventurer. Competing champions will travel through seven amazing worlds inhabited by the Loonies: crazy creatures that like nothing better than a good fight… To win the crown, however, champions will also have to avoid their rivals’ sneaky tricks!
In this unique drawing game, players study challenging level cards, and then replicate the outline to meet targets and avoid obstacles on their tracing sheets. Once finished, players place their sheets on top of the level card to see whether the drawings line up.

Largely inspired by video games, discover various worlds, play with 3D and 2D levels, run into loony monsters – Loonies – and big bosses, trigger special stages, collect bonuses and gather as much Xperience points as possible to win the game. Have a good laugh while using penalties on other players and trying to be the best at Loony Quest!

Game play
2 to 5 players à partir de 8 ans 20 min
Language of rules : German, French, Italian
Prix public conseillé : ~

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70/100 -
Loony Funny Youpi
71/100 -
69/100 -
Vraiment bon
88/100 -
Du neuf dans un monde de brut
86/100 -

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Pas pour moi
25/100 -
35/100 -
Pas mon style.
52/100 -
Maximilien dc 
Ni bon, ni mauvais
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