Ce pack contient 12 nouveaux scénarios pour:
Forgotten Heroes, Band of Heroes, Swift & Bold et No One Step Back.
Ainsi que les règles: "Five minutes to Lock'N Load"
- Of Mines and Men (FH)
- The Road to Astrachan (NoSB)
- Fallschirmjager Requiem (S&B)
- Fortress Breslau (NoSB)
- Undaunted Courage (BoH)
- In the Ghetto (NoSB)
- An Apple Cart for Jerry (S&B)
- One Last Blitz for Old Time’s Sake (NoSB)
- The Brickyard 150 (S&B)
- Three Companies at Dak To (FH)
- Tip of the Speirs (BoH)
- Teamwork (BoH)

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