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edition 2019
Par Takuma Horikawa
Illustré par Ian Parovel and Valerio Buonfantino
Édité par Happy Baobab
Distributed by Happy Baobab


Langues des règles : English, French, Korean

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Game description

In Little Dragons, you flip the face-down dragon eggs and look to find dragons that match. If you find eggs of the same kind, you can get more eggs at once, but you don't get any points at all if you find an empty egg. Collect the majority of each numbered egg to earn bonus points! Gather as many points as possible to win the game.

Unlike ordinary memory games, you need to have a good strategy and make the right choices to win in Little Dragons. It's not always the best strategy to remember where all the eggs are, but to remember and choose which eggs you want to collect to gain bonus points or to interfere with other players' strategy.

Game play
2 to 6 players à partir de 5 ans 15 min
Language of rules : English, French, Korean
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