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edition 2017
Par Inconnu...?
Illustré par Pascal Boucher
Édité par Robin Red Games
Distributed by ABIGAMES


Langues des règles : German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch

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Game description

The TRUT is a bluffing game of the seventeenth century. The tricks are very fast and sometimes last a few seconds. The elders are traditionally playing it without exchanging a single word ... Their steel looks being sufficiently equivocal.

Game play
2 to 4 players 8 to 99 ans 15 min
Language of rules : German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch
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 Positive reviews

..en plumes
77/100 -
Trut la vérité
75/100 -
Minimal , beau et tendu
96/100 -
Virgile de Rais 
À posséder
95/100 -
Turlutu Trut !
98/100 -

 Negative reviews

On s'ennuie
0/100 -