The aim of this game is to find a formula, which consists of 3 parchment sheets, and bring them back to your own castle, where a dragon awaits you. To make being successful in battle against different monsters or other players easier, you need to collect money, equipment and magic rings.
The game resembles, in part, "The Hobbit" (with rings, gold, life points, and the same combat system) but isn't close to being identical. For example, the objective of the two games (beginner's and advanced) is quite different.
According to traditional adventure style, you have to build up your character to make it stronger. You don't get stronger and get more lives (like in Talisman), but you have to get enough healing potions and rings to manage the combat against monsters and maybe against other human opponents.
You find different things in treasure chests, which you may search through after beating the monster that guards the place.
There are additional optional rules with traps, wandering monsters, cooperation and high-risk game (a kind of gambling) when you are entering the inner region. You can choose which one or more of those rules you want to add.

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