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edition 2019
Par Carl Brière
Illustré par Katy Grierson
Édité par Synapses Games
Distributed by Asmodee and Asmodee Belgium


Langues des règles : English, French

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Game description

An incredible discovery has been made that will change the world forever. High in the snow-capped mountains, explorers have come across a number of large, colourful Dragon Eggs! Now the whole world is clamouring to get their hands on what’s inside. It’s a good time to get into the egg-hatching business!

In Incubation, 2-5 players take on the role of entrepreneuring Dragon Breeders looking to make a fortune by collecting the required resources and feeding them into their special Dragon Egg Incubators to hatch them. There are four different types of Dragons, as well as Hybrid and Mystery Eggs. As the Dragon begin to emerge from their Eggs, players will be able to use them to fulfill Objective cards earning them Coins. The Breeder who has earned the most Coins through Hatched Dragon Eggs, completed Objectives, and collected tokens is declared the winner!

Game play
2 to 5 players 8 to 99 ans 30 min
Language of rules : English, French
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