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edition 2012
Par Josh J. Carlson and Adam Carlson
Illustré par Josh J. Carlson
Édité par Chip Theory Games

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Langues des règles : English

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Hoplomachus is a gladiatorial combat game set during the Roman Empire. Using a set of easy to learn mechanics, jump into a turn-based squad tactics battle to win the favor of the crowd and defeat your opponent's champion in both Player vs. Player and solo play. Layers of complexity and depth come from the numerous unique tactics, innate abilities, and skills available to each unit. Hoplomachus challenges you to plan, risk, and adapt each turn. Choose your Champion and develop your own unique play style!

Units from this game are usable and interchangable with Hoplo: Origins and Hoplo: ROR!


Year of publishing 2012
Authors Josh J. Carlson , Adam Carlson
Illustrators Josh J. Carlson
Editors Chip Theory Games
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Language of rules English
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