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edition 2013
Par Josh J. Carlson and Adam Carlson
Édité par Chip Theory Games

Langues des règles : English

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Game description

Our Blade's Edge Add-on is perfect for those of you who want some new options when it comes to Champions! Five new Champions to choose from with many new abilities and innate skills! Each city also comes with one piece of equipment and a rule variant that allows for you to add it to any Hoplomachus game you choose. This changes everything!

5 Champion Chips:

Borgis of El Dorado
Safaron of Atlantis
Grom of Xanadu
Horricus of Pompeii
Malagas of Rome

5 Equipment Chips:

Pilum (El Dorado)
Vambraces (Atlantis)
Trophy Necklace (Xanadu)
War Horn (Pompeii)
Tower Shield (Rome)

Game play
1 to 3 players à partir de 12 ans 15 min
Language of rules : English
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