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Add more options and strategies to your Hoplomachus collection with the Beast and Master Add-on.

This Add-on features all new Beast and Beastmaster chips for each city. The Beastmasters can summon a beast unique to their city with their own special abilities and skills.

5 Beastmaster and 5 Beast Chips:

El Doradian Beastmaster (El Dorado)
Emerald Falcon (El Dorado)
Atlantean Beastmaster (Atlantis)
Sea Crocodile (Atlantis)
Roman Beastmaster (Rome)
Armored Rhino (Rome)
Xanadian Beastmaster (Xanadu)
Slateback Gorilla (Xanadu)
Pompeiian Beastmaster (Pompeii)
Mist Panther (Pompeii)

Auteurs et éditions

edition 2013
De Josh J. Carlson and Adam Carlson
Édité par Chip Theory Games

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Year of publishing 2013
Authors Josh J. Carlson , Adam Carlson
Illustrators ~
Editors Chip Theory Games
Distributors ~
Collection ~
Bar code ~
Language of rules English
Prix public conseillé ~

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