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edition 2019
Par Pascal Bernard
Illustré par Sébastien Lamirand, Eric Belisle and Sylvain Guinebaud
Édité par The Red Joker


Langues des règles : English, French

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Game description

HIGHWAY TO HELL plunges you straight into the grease stains and exhaust fumes of the post-apocalyptic universe of 2054. Each player takes on the role of a Patroller, a badass law enforcers cruising the sectors of Corkland’s District 31 in their customised vehicle hunting down the Jezebel Queens, the district’s most violent gang.

With just your mechanical steed, your wits and a bronze star that proclaims that "You are the law!", it is down to you to put this little corner of the world right.

In HIGHWAY TO HELL, each player sets out on a 24 hour long patrol, the sole purpose of which is to journey though your designated sectors; but this is no cake walk: your nerves will be put to the test in high speed Pursuits, deadly Shootouts and challenging Enforcements....

To win the game, you will have to complete your patrol and return as soon as possible to the District H.Q. with more Pacification Points than your opponent.

Game play
joueurs à partir de 8 ans 40 min
Language of rules : English, French
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