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edition 2017
Par Carlo A. Rossi
Illustré par Denis Martynets
Édité par Ares


Langues des règles : English

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Game description

Are you brave enough to accept the dungeon challenge?

In Dungeon Time, a real-time cooperative card game, you will enter a fantasy realm with only five minutes to complete your missions. Find the equipment, get the mission — while frantically trying to beat the clock and avoid being over-burdened by your equipment – and level up to higher challenges if you do!

In more detail, players play and draw cards, with each card showing either an item or a mission. Players call to one another for the items needed to fulfill missions; everybody plays their items on the stack, then you can play your mission on the stack and it will be fulfilled... Easy, isn't it? Except you have only five minutes to go through the whole deck, and each item played at the wrong time will burden your backpack, and risk bringing you one step closer to failure...

Game play
1 to 5 players à partir de 13 ans 20 min
Language of rules : English
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Mamma mia en coop sauce Magic Maze ...
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Excellent challenge en solo
96/100 -
Vraiment bon
93/100 -

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