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edition 2014
Par Buxeria
Illustré par Buxeria
Distributed by Hexasim, Philibert and Le Temple du Jeu Nantes - Jeux Spécialisés

Standalone 1 extension

Langues des règles : English, French

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Game description

DIEX AÏE ("God helps" in Latin, the warcry of the Duke of Normandy) is a simulation game set in England just after the battle of Hastings, in the second half of the 11th Century. It reenacts the numerous fights that
Saxons fought to resist the "Norman Yoke". You can play Norman, Saxon or Scottish characters and lay siege to a motte & bailey castle, defend a bridge or escort a supply convoy through hostile territories.

The tactical game includes 3 modular maps and close to 100 different characters in various
stances: Healthy, stunned, wounded or... dead!
2 maps and 2 counter sheets are used for simulating campaigns where skirmishes are played out with the tactical game.

3 tactical scenarios of increasing complexity allow for a gradual and easy learning of the rules. The last 3 scenarios require additional maps available separately.

Tactical rules are intended to simulate man-to-man combats, missile fire with bows, crossbows, lances
or slings. Sieges can be laid using ladders and flaming arrows.

Game contents:
> 6 full-color tactical maps;
> 2 sheets of overlays;
> 1 large, full-color counter sheet;
> 2 campaign maps;
> 2 small, full-color sheets of counters for the campaign game;
> 1 rules booklet (40 pages);
> 1 historical background and scenario booklet (36 pages);
> 6 full-color play sheets for handy reference;
> 1 10-sided die.

Game play
joueur à partir de 14 ans 90 min
Language of rules : English, French
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