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Initialement en allemand , sera bientôt disponible en anglais via une campagne Kickstarter ( le jeu est dès à présent financé ! ) avec une extension :
The Saga Extension
2 new game boards
4 new miniatures
2 new punchboards
12 new and additional value modification tiles
New Scenarios, Adventures and Threats for you to face!
75 new Wooden Meeples
et en guise d'Add-On :
With "Combined Might" / "Mit vereinten Kräften" we offer the first official mini-expansion of the game. It also includes the Älfar Expansion / Die Albae Erweiterung which is a harder difficulty level than what the game currently offers. Be prepared to give your best if you want to survive! Combined Might / Mit vereinten Kräften gives you new scenario cards that also add a new twist to the core gameplay. Includes 29 cards for Combined Might and 9 cards of the Älfar expansion.

Auteurs et éditions

edition 2012
Par Michael Palm and Lukas Zach
Illustré par Jarek Noco&#324
Édité par Pegasus Spiele

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Year of publishing 2012
Authors Michael Palm , Lukas Zach
Illustrators Jarek Noco&#324
Editors Pegasus Spiele
Distributors ~
Collection ~
Bar code ~
Language of rules German
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Die Zwerge
[Die Zwerge ] = [The Dwarves]
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