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edition 2015
Par Guan Chih Huang
Édité par Big Fun Games


Langues des règles : Japanese

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Game description

Chenghuang, the God that governs the worlds of the living and the dead. His Guardians patrol in the night, reward good and punish evil.

Players are the Guardians who try to execute Chenghuang’s orders. In each round, players try to accomplish missions by drafting Judgement cards. The balance between “Reward Good” and “Punish Evil” is the key for a successful Guardian. The Guardian’s special ability could grant you some advantages, but be aware, spending too much spell might bring you unfavorable effects. In the end of the fourth round, the player with the most victory points becomes the greatest Guardian and wins the game.

Game play
3 to 6 players à partir de 12 ans 30 min
Language of rules : Japanese
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