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edition 2017
Par Viktor Péter and Richárd Ámann
Illustré par Villő Farkas
Édité par Mindclash Games


Langues des règles : English

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Game description

The powerful vibes of the Outside World have compromised the stability of Cerebria, and the Inside World slowly awakens from its timeless quiescence. The mighty Spirits of Bliss and Gloom arise from the deepest spheres of the Origin and strive to restore stability. With their control over the flow of Essence — the Origin’s creative energy — the Spirits evoke Emotions, Cerebria's inhabitants, to populate the regions of the Inside World and slowly shape Cerebria to their own image. Bliss Spirits dream of a Cerebria overflowing with Kindness and Joy, while Gloom Spirits are plotting to fill it with Suspicion and Animosity.

The Sprits' efforts and the infinite circulation of the Origin's Essence will lead to periods of Dissonance and Revelation, when Bliss and Gloom face each other in various ways — and the prevalent Spirits may add a fragment to Cerebria’s shaping Identity. Once completed, the Identity will finally restore the stability of the Inside World.

Leave the Outside World behind, submerge into Cerebria, and shape the future of the Inside World in the 2v2 area-control team game Cerebria: The Inside World. Impersonate Cerebria's creative Spirits associated with either Bliss or Gloom, and invoke Emotion cards with various intensities to occupy important spots on the main board, or to accompany your Spirit as it moves across Cerebria.

Emotion cards are double-sided; using Essence, they can be upgraded to their more powerful alternatives with a new, potent ability. Essence, the game's main resource, is taken from one of the Origin’s five Spheres at the beginning of your turn. The constant circulation of Essence is the core of the game. Whenever one of the Origin’s Spheres is emptied, it triggers a game-defining event before it is refilled — such as the Dissension, when Bliss and Gloom Emotions across board clash, or the Contemplation, when the allegiance of Cerebria’s territories may change. The Spirits that prevail during these events can contribute to building the Identity of Cerebria.

The Identity is built as a common effort of the two teams, and the game ends immediately once it is completed, as it grants Cerebria a permanent stability.

In the final scoring, the Identity’s composition is critical, but you can discover other ways to victory as well.

Game play
2 to 4 players à partir de 14 ans 120 min
Language of rules : English
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