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edition 2017
Par Eric Lang
Édité par CoolMiniOrNot and Spaghetti Western Games


Langues des règles : English

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Game description

Arcadia Quest: Inferno builds upon the same basic gameplay as the original game, with each player controlling a Guild of 3 unique heroes as they go through the multiple branching scenarios of the campaign. Each scenario presents different quests that must be fulfilled in order to be victorious, and various monsters the heroes will need to defeat on their way. The monsters react to the heroes' actions, so no one is stuck playing the role of game master.

As the heroes defeat their enemies and accomplish quests, their guilds rake in the coins, which will then allow them to acquire all sorts of powerful loot! From legendary weapons and armor, to new abilities and magic items. The combination of each hero's unique ability with all the different upgrades they earn through the campaign allows players to create amazing and unexpected combos!

nferno is a standalone box, but also fully compatible with previous Arcadia Quest boxes. It contains a full campaign with 12 scenarios for players to explore. As players progress through the circles of Inferno, deeper and deeper into the Underworld, the campaign branches into two distinct paths. The path not taken results in quests the players will not fulfill, and therefore consequences that will come back to haunt them towards the end of the campaign.

One such key choice are the Angels. These secret protectors of Arcadia have been imprisoned by the Underlord, who is trying to corrupt them. If players rescue these Angels, they become powerful additions to their Guilds. But beware, the Angels that are abandoned to their fate will be consumed and come back as monsters to seek revenge on the heroes!

Going down into the infernal depths presents the heroes of Arcadia with a new set of challenges and opportunities, in the form of Damnation! This dark power permeates everything in Inferno, and daring heroes may want to use it to their advantage (and face the consequences). Weapons and equipment found in Inferno may become more powerful if a hero takes Damnation, monsters may offer the choice of taking Damnation instead of wounds (or flat out dealing Damnation to their target). However, accumulating Damnation may come at a high price. Some Upgrades are more effective against heroes with Damnation, some monsters more powerful against them, and specially Brimstone cards scattered through the scenarios may activate monsters to attack heroes who dabble too much in the dark powers!

Game play
2 to 4 players à partir de 14 ans 60 min
Language of rules : English
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