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edition 2015
Par Herschel Hoffmeyer
Illustré par Herschel Hoffmeyer
Édité par Die-Hard Games LLC

Langues des règles : English

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 Game description

70 Cards Total + 1 Suchomimus Card Divider
Suchomimus playable Apex Deck (including the Stomping Grounds! ability)
New types of Environment cards
e.g. Monsoon & Locust Plague
New types of prey to hunt
e.g. Nigersaurus, Astrodon, Kangnasaurus
New types of carnivores to hunt
e.g. Kaprosuchus, Bahariasaurus
New boss & minions
Additional new types of Apex cards for the base game Apex Decks


Year of publishing 2015
Authors Herschel Hoffmeyer
Illustrators Herschel Hoffmeyer
Editors Die-Hard Games LLC
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Language of rules English
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