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edition 2018
Par Roméo Hennion, Clément Leclercq, Davy Bernard and Jean-Philippe Sahut
Illustré par Emma Ferraro
Édité par Game Flow
Distributed by Blackrock Games

Standalone 1 extension

Langues des règles : English, French

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Game description

Everyone knows their own feelings, but how well can you understand each other's emotions ?

"A kind granny" "goes on an adventure" "with his/her cuddly blanket."
"The Yeti" "contemplates the world" "in the bathroom."

Is it Beatiful ? Is it Sad ? Is it Fun ? Is it Creepy ?

Create your own sentences and try to make your friends guess the right emotion.

Game play
3 to 8 players 8 to 99 ans 30 min
Language of rules : English, French
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vers l Affinity et au delà
69/100 -
Fine affinité
100/100 -
Rire collaboratif
89/100 -

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Mouais....pas convaincu
40/100 -
Jeu super
50/100 -