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Langues des règles : English, Spanish

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Game description

The legendary distance and one of the most famous track& field races, is the 1500 meters. In this game, you're one of the 8 runners in a 1500 m race .

1500 m has a luck-free movement system and uses euro mechanics (bidding and management). Players always choose in every round how much they advance.
But you´ll have to manage your 100 mental strenght points all over the race.

Each round has 3 phases:
1. Cards phase. Each player chooses a movement card and there`s a simultaneous bid (using mental strenght points) for winning an advantage action.
2. Pace phase. Each player can keep, increase or dicrease his/ her current pace (spending mental strenght points).
3. Extra mental strenght points cost phase. Runners spend extra mental stenght points because of wear and according to their positions.

Using your strategy correctly and knowing when to risk, you can become the next 1500 m champion.

The game includes:
dummy runners rules to complete the number of players wanted
800 meters rules if you want a shorter race.

Game play
3 to 8 players à partir de 12 ans ~
Language of rules : English, Spanish
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